Whole House Fan Costs – Things You Need To Know

Whole House Fan Costs – Things You Need To Know

If you are searching for 2018 breakdown whole house fan costs and exactly what installation cost may be, then you have arrived at the best place.

Being a skilled certified home improvement service provider, I understand firsthand exactly what it will cost for different levels – from the Basic, Better, as well as the best.

You can choose “Whole House Fans” estimator which will offer you with updated costs for your region. Simply enter the “zip-code” as well as the units required, next click on the update and you’ll get a “breakdown” on exactly what it ought to cost to get a Whole House Fan mounted in your house.

Faithful to its particular name, whole house fan may significantly decrease the temperatures in your whole home. On the other hand, the model and make of fan should be ideal to the dimension of your house to be effective.

Usually installed in ceiling of upper level of the home, attached to attic, a “whole-house-fan” must be located centrally, mounted airtight as well as have entry to good ventilation to offer the most effective operation. You will find several advantages to use a “whole-house-fan” intended for your house, in comparison to a core AC system and the next are simply a few:

  1. Faster Operation:

The “Whole House Fans” function by pulling hot the air from the entire house, up into attic and after that outside through gable or ridge vents. Consequently, empty space will be filled with cool, fresh air from the outside. In comparison to your core AC, a “whole-house-fan” operates much faster, and you will feel the effects of air cooling within a few minutes. Here’s a short video for you.

  1. Low Operating Costs:

Throughout day-to-day operation, whole house fan can cost you approximately 10%-25% of money your main air conditioner can cost you to operate. It is considerably more inexpensive and can help you save hundreds of bucks on your electricity bill in every summer. Soon after a summer of the operation, the “whole house fan” will spend for itself.

  1. Good Price:

For half cost of a “window AC” device, you can buy a “whole-house-fan”. At 10-x more affordable than the central AC device, it makes ideal sense to have one.

  1. Clean Air:

Rather than re-circulating the home’s airflow the way the central AC does indeed, a “whole-house-fan” is pulling in clean air and then sending this out of your home, leaving the airflow inside the home easier and healthier to breathe. This approach helps prevent and eliminate allergens and odors and gives exceptional ventilation.

  1. Quiet Operation:

In contrast to the noisy rumbling released by the central AC unit, more recent models of the whole house fans run quietly as well as without distressing the silence. Having a “whole-house-fan”, even like a gentle sleeper, you will not be disturbed by the unexpected kicking off and on of thermostat.

  1. Labor Task:

Install the ventilating new attic fan. You can install concentrated 15A 120V circuit along with the device. Install in the wall switch. Has fabricated support framework and opening. Install and secure the fan. Insulate the fan perimeter. Attach and secure the NM power wires and switch wires to unit. Finally, power the unit and confirm proper operation.

  1. Price:

The cost estimates of “Whole House Fan” do not contain costs for the new installation, repairs, or even relocation of the existing electrical, ducting connection, energy supply line as well as exhaust vent system. Costs related to permit approval and also sign off aren’t included.

  1. Priced Higher:

Whole House Fans can include attributes/features which include periodic louver cover, louvered grille, several speed operations and higher capacity.

  1. Installation Costs:

The installation costs of Whole House Fan are generally quoted from the standard rate as well as can be quoted by service expert after the visual inspection and measurement in the “job site”. The variance in the installation costs intended for complex configurations (multiple levels, many corners, “non-rectangular” shape etc.) will be significant. For exact cost estimates, gather comprehensive bids from a number of qualified experts.

Save on the installation costs through combining the similar jobs as well as by being prepared to have the project done during the low demand periods regarding the installer/vendor.

  1. Energy Saving:

The “Whole House Fans” can qualify for the cash discounts from the nearby utility companies or the federal “tax credits”. Tax credits and rebates differ widely, therefore compare cautiously before purchasing.

  1. Reduce The Total Project Expense:

Reduce the total project by having several vendors’ bids at the same, comprehensive work standards of the “Whole-House-Fan” project.


Last but not the least, the tips & guidelines provided above will help you get much information on whole house fan costs. However, you can make your own research and find the best quote.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed this post to a great extent. Make sure you share your opinions in the comment box below. I will be happy to start a conversation below to learn more from you. At the same time, feel free to share this post with your friends on social media. Have a great time.

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