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Circuit Breakers

The electrical panel that serves your home is a central command center that manages and distributes the power that comes into your house. Given the built-in danger that comes with live electricity, having a quality panel and properly working circuit breakers is essential. If your circuit breakers are giving you trouble, or if you simply want to have them inspected to make sure everything is working correctly, turn to Direct Electric Company for help.

A Simple – But Critical – Job

When a circuit breaker detects that something is wrong within a circuit – like a short – it is supposed to break that circuit, as the name indicates. This stops electricity from flowing through a circuit that could become dangerous, helping to protect whatever is connected to that circuit. This job is extremely important, which is why paying attention to the condition of your breakers is a key part of your duties as a homeowner.

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Don’t Ignore the Warning Sign

If you have to keep walking over to your electrical panel to reset a tripped breaker, don’t just get used to that chore as a quirk of your home. A breaker that regularly trips could be highlighting a problem in your system that needs to be addressed. If you find that resetting breakers is something you do regularly, contact DEC to have our team check out your panel and see what could be causing this issue.


In some cases, it will be appropriate to rebuild or repair existing circuit breakers. In other cases, you may want to upgrade your entire panel to benefit from some of the features and capabilities offered by modern equipment. For help making that decision, and to have the work performed at a fair rate, get in touch with Direct Electric Company and discuss your situation with us today.

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