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Hotel Renovation Electrical Services

Hotels are served by complex electrical systems that deliver power throughout the building while ensuring safe operation throughout the year. When a hotel is renovated – either to update old rooms or to add new space – the electrical system too will need to be renovated to properly serve the revised structure. As an experienced commercial electrician in Southern California, Direct Electric Company is qualified to provide service for these kinds of projects. To request a quote or to ask for more information, please contact us today.

A Complex Situation

What might start out as a relatively simple project – updating some hotel rooms, for example – can quickly get complicated when all the various systems that serve those rooms need to be updated. A redesign will likely mean moving electrical outlets and other elements, along with things like plumbing changes. Having the right electrical contractor on your side can take some of the stress and difficulty out of this project. Direct Electric Company has been there, done that when it comes to hotel renovation projects, so we aren’t going to be overwhelmed no matter the task.

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Inside and Out

While the electrical system that serves the inside of your hotel is likely to get most of the attention during a renovation project, don’t forget that electrical issues outside of the building might need to be handled, as well. For example, wiring the hotel’s signs so they are brightly lit throughout the night is an important task, as well as providing the power for all the exterior lights that illuminate the building and surrounding parking lot.


The key to any successful renovation project is surrounding yourself with the right people. For the electrical piece of the puzzle, those people can be found at Direct Electric Company. We have the right experience to rise to the occasion on this project, and we offer our services throughout most of Southern California. Reach out now to get started!

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