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Building a new luxury home is an exciting process. You have worked hard for your success, and it’s finally time to build that ideal retreat within the busyness of the Southern California landscape. As you put all the pieces in place for this project, remember the importance of working with a good electrician. Direct Electrical Company has worked on many luxury home projects throughout the Southern California region and we would be proud to fill this role for your upcoming endeavor.

Bringing a Vision to Life

Perhaps the best part of building a custom luxury home is having the opportunity to craft your own vision from start to finish. Rather than just picking out the floor plan you like best from a list of pre-made options from a builder, or instead of buying an existing house that happens to be on the market, you take total control throughout the process.

Part of making sure your vision comes together correctly is having the right electrical contractor on board for the project. There may be electrical work required that goes beyond what is “standard” in most home construction projects, so you can’t settle for just any electrician. Working with an experienced team like the one at Direct Electric Company will make sure you aren’t limited at any point along the way.

Bring Your Electrical Vision to Life
Custom Electrical Projects

Many Exciting Possibilities

Luxury homes tend to include features that simply aren’t present in the typical home. Some of the interesting options you may wish to consider for your luxury home project – whether it is a new build or a remodel – include the following –

Whatever your dream looks like, it’s certain that a good electrician will be needed to complete this project. Also, if you plan to seek LEED certification as part of your home construction process, working with Direct Electric Company will help you toward that end – we have been involved in many LEED certified projects. To get started, simply contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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