Save 50-90% on A/C Costs with QuietCool

Save 50-90% on A/C Costs with QuietCool

There’s natural skepticism when someone promises to save 50-90% of your air conditioning costs with a device as simple as a fan, however, upon further investigation, QuietCool systems installed by Direct Electric provide the savings homeowners desire while adding to the home’s quality of life.

How Does QuietCool Work?

The idea behind QuietCool is simple science: since heat rises, pull in the cooler air nearer to the ground in order to keep a home at a comfortable temperature. QuietCool acts as a large exhaust fan, but unlike the exhaust fans in kitchens or in restaurants, QuietCool is what the name says – it cools quietly. Thanks to the skills of installation experts like Direct Electric, it is possible to use these systems to maximize energy savings while increasing quality of life.

QuietCool systems are installed in attics and work to pull warm air up from the home and send the air out via the attic fans and vents. These fans use little power but are quite powerful. When using QuietCool technology, the key is to open the windows so the QuietCool fan can pull in all the fresh, cool air. This system is meant to work during the times that aren’t peak heat.

QuietCool creates a constant breeze and is a great way to “air condition” your home without using the A/C unit.

Using QuietCool is a great way to “air condition” your home without using the A/C unit. Thanks to the system’s operation, there is a constant breeze in your home because QuietCool continuously is pulling in that cooler outside air to displace that warmer interior air, which is then sent up to the attic on its way out of the home. A/C units recycle air while the QuietCool air is consistently new and fresh. You can smell the difference along with all the other benefits of fresh air, including displacing dust and other allergens.

How to Install QuietCool

Once you have decided your home should be a QuietCool home, the process is very simple for installation. The folks at Direct Electric have been installing “whole house fans” long before the advent of QuietCool, so they know how to get the most out of these fans. With QuietCool technology combining with their expertise, your whole house fan system is sure to keep the house cool, provide fresh air, and lower your electric bill thanks to their no-hassle installation.

Installing the system is very simple. Direct Electric will install the main fan in a high-traffic area such as the hallway and use smaller, auxiliary fans in the other rooms such as the bedroom. Using a simple formula calculating your home’s square footage and the square footage of individual fan sites, Direct Electric determines which fans will be most efficient to carry out the task to ten “air exchanges” each hour – with an air exchange defined as having new air replacing the old air.

Once the system is in place, Direct Electric does all the necessary wiring to ensure operating the system is as simple as flicking a switch.

Proper Installation Guarantees Unbelievable Savings

Benefits of QuietCool

Besides the obvious benefits of saving money, the removal of allergens and other particles from the stale air recycled by traditional A/C units is a boon to your household. For people struggling with asthma and other respiratory ailments, QuietCool allows them to stay inside while having access to needed fresh air. Further benefits include a return on investment (ROI) within less than one calendar year from installation. Besides fresh air and savings, perhaps the best part of QuietCool is the quality added to your life. Who doesn’t love a nice breeze blowing through your home? Thanks to QuietCool, you can get the breeze without the noise or expense.


QuietCool systems installed by Direct Electric are the best way to save on A/C costs while increasing the quality of life in your home by decreasing allergens and other irritants found in recycled A/C air. Installation is easy, and your house will have a nice breeze at all times – a favorite of everyone. Let the folks at Direct Electric show you how easy QuietCool systems make your life by calling 951-291-1062 or contacting us today!

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