Quiet Cool – Whole House Fans That Will Blow Your Mind

Quiet Cool – Whole House Fans That Will Blow Your Mind

Home Cooling Naturally with QuietCool

Best Green-Energy Whole House Fans

Whole house fans from QuietCool undoubtedly are a “green-energy” product which offers the quickest value for your dollar compared to some other products for home cooling. In approximately 2 years, this system fully can be paid for, depending on the total amount of the energy savings which the “fan system” will offer.

Simply flip the button to make a “breeze-of-cool”, outside air which will quickly function to ventilate and cool your whole home.

According to a well-known method of the “whole house” cooling that has existed for a long time. This is probably the most convenient ventilating and cooling system available on the marketplace today! It will cool. It will ventilate. It will exhaust. Quiet-Cool fans happen to be a multi-purpose fan as well as multi-location method which move large amounts of CFM (air) per fan.

“Quiet-Cool” Fans are simple to set up and include damper doors, insulated self-shutting which create a good closure to stop air from flowing freely from house to attic whenever the fans aren’t in operation.

The main thing, “Quiet-Cool” fans are fitted in a dangling position from the attic rafters, far away from the living area for providing quiet operation tremendously, only 0.4-sones (sone is the subjective device of loudness). This feature is the best one in the “Quiet-Cool” fans that will definitely blow your mind.

Features Of “Quiet-Cool” Fans:

Energy Efficiency:

  • The whole house QuietCool fans can easily save you approximately 50%-90% on the homeowner’s AC related expenses.
  • Rather than paying higher rates for the air conditioning, the QuietCool assists to limit AC usage to hottest components of the day; whenever it is cool outdoors than inside, just run the “Quiet Cool” system!

Whisper Quiet Process:

  • Whole house QuietCool fans are usually whisper silent; comparable to AC Return!
  • You can run the QuietCool fans for a long time at a stretch, even while you’re sleeping that lets you to benefit from the coolest night air.

Can Be Set-Up Easily:

  • All of the units can fit 16-inch or 24-inch on center that needs no “joist-cutting” in attic.
  • You can keep the attic’s integrity 100% intact when installing the “Quiet-Cool” system in a tiny proportion of the time which a conventional whole-house fan usually takes!

Cut Your Ac Cost Up To 50% – 90% With Quietcool Fans!

The whole house QuietCool fans cool simply by drawing the cooler outside airflow in from the open windows that reduce the room temperatures by approximately 10 – 20 degrees.

The open windows act as the “intake vents” that allow you to ultimately control the airflow by choosing which or how many windows you keep open. The moving air, coming through whole house will cool the occupants. “Cooling breeze” can decrease the temperature of skin by 5 -10 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cooler, fresh air, after getting through your living room, is pressured into attic that pushes hot air away through the attic vents of your home.


Apart from the energy saving and cooling benefits which you get once you use the whole house Quiet Cool fans; they’re also a great way to offer whole-house ventilation.

The whole house Quiet Cool fans can save money, energy and are excellent for the surroundings.

Add this innovative system to your house and you’ll be able to save as much as 90% on the electric bill easily. By selecting to finance having low payments monthly, your savings actually can be higher than your payments monthly. Throw in the energy saving rebate and that tends to make “Quiet-Cool” Fans an incredibly smart investment!

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