Quiet Cool Stealth Pro Series

Quiet Cool Stealth Pro Series

Quiet Cool Stealth Pro Reviews

The Quiet Cool Stealth Pro Series is one of two Professional Series Whole House Fan cooling and ventilation systems (with the other being the Trident Pro Series). It has removable, easy-snap grilles unlike the standard grilles that is included with our Classic and Energy Saver series. Removing and cleaning is easy and you don’t have to worry about losing any screws. The wall switch controls are also included with the Stealth Pro models. But what makes the Stealth Pro stand out is that this series provides substantial savings in energy costs as it uses similar ECM motors as the Energy Saver line which is why it is the popular choice for those who want the best whole house fan system and save the most money.

Models start with the starter QuietCool Stealth Pro 1.5 great for small bedrooms to the more powerful QuietCool Stealth Pro 7.0 with its 3,500 square foot coverage. These whole house fans can be a more affordable alternative to your standard air conditioner system throughout the year no matter the climate. Featuring brushless AC/DC motors, they are known for their extremely quiet operation. Even better, your local installer can provide you with exclusives like a more generous and longer 15-year warranty compared to the 10 years only manufacturer’s warranty with a standalone purchase.

Stealth Pro Models & Features

Below are some quick but practical reviews to help you decide on the Stealth Pro model right for you:

QuietCool Stealth Pro 1.5 can easily cool a small bedroom using whole house fans zoned for cooling. This model has a 1545 CFM airflow and uses only 60 watts of power. It has 42 dB sound level requires 2 square feet net of space with no framing required. It features an R5 insulated damper system that makes use of barometric pressurized gravity dampers to make sure that there’s no loss of heat or cooling between your home and attic.

Current homeowner-users praise this model’s quiet motor and the significant savings installing one delivers. They highly recommend professional installation which will get it up-and-running in less than 2 hours. Professional installation ensures no messy, unsightly vent installations. Finally, they cite how quickly the Pro 1.5 cools down a room.

QuietCool Stealth Pro 7.0 is ideal as a hallway fan for your house with its reach of 3,500 square feet. Combined with other fan models in the series like the 1.5 for whole house zoned cooling, this model has a moving 6,996 CFM that only uses 166-725 watts of power to run. It likewise uses an R5 Insulated damper system the uses a barometric pressurized gravity damper for the latest and the greatest in today’s cooling/heating efficiency.

Current homeowner-users compare the cooling results to a traditional air conditioner but much quieter. They are especially pleased with their lower monthly electricity bills by as much as 90% while cooling their entire house by as much as 30 degrees cooler and their attic by 50 degrees. They also cheer its ability to stop mold and mildew in the home by refreshing the entire volume of air inside the house by up to 15-20 times an hour. Once again, its top selling point with families is how quiet it is even while it does its job.

See and compare all Stealth Pro models.

Stealth Pro Series As Compared

The Stealth Pro has an improved area coverage of as much as 5-20% more than the Classic Series as well as having the convenience of the new easy-snap grille design. But most notably,  it is the most energy efficient of all Quiet Cool whole house fan series, with 20%-50% less energy consumption than the Classic and Trident Series.

Whichever QuietCool Stealth Pro model is ideal for your home, we recommend looking at the bonus benefit of buying through a qualified installer, including immediately extending your warranty exclusively from 10 to 15 years. Furthermore, an installer will ensure a professional installation of your investment to ensure it works efficiently (and quietly). It will save you from the often stressful and messy experience of DIY. You and your family are guaranteed instant enjoyment of your new Whole House fan cooling and ventilation system.

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