Quiet Cool Attic Fans

Quiet Cool Attic Fans

When the weather begins to warm up, sometimes opening the windows isn’t enough to create a cool and comfortable environment inside your home, this includes your attic space. The attic can be a great place to store unused items, provide a quiet place to retreat to, an additional room or space in your home or even create that game room or man cave you always wanted.

The only downside to attics that many people find is the increased heat and warmth the attic holds due to it’s higher elevation in the home. When central air conditioning or even window units are not an affordable option for your attic cooling needs, you may want to consider a Quiet Cool attic fan.

Benefits of the Quiet Cool Attic Fan

While cooling the attic down to a more comfortable temperature is a wonderful benefit, there are many more benefits to having the Quiet Cool attic fan in your home.

Energy Efficiency

Quiet Cool fans can save you upwards of 50 to 90% of your home cooling costs. Reduce the amount of air conditioning usage during the hottest parts of the day with the use of a quiet cool attic fan. They have been rated as the greenest fans on the market. Only 30 watts of power is consumed by the Quiet Cool attic fan. You’d probably be surprised to find out this amount of power consumption is only around the same used by a fluorescent light bulb.

Easy to Install

Units range from 16” to 24” in size which means they do not require much in terms of the installation process. There is no need to joist cut or make any other changes to the attic, so the integrity of the room will stay completely intact.

Quiet Operation

When compared to air conditioning the Quiet Cool attic fan are whisper quiet when they are running. You can run your unit for hours even when you are sleeping without much background noise at all.

Reduction of Heat in Other Areas of the Home

The Quiet Cool attic fan provides cooling ventilation for your attic. This can help to reduce heat from the attic moving into the other areas and rooms of your home. This can be greatly beneficial when you live in a two or more-story home. Quiet Cool attic fans come with a built-in damping system. This helps to seal all the fan openings to keep out moisture during the cooler seasons.

How They Compare With Other Models

Traditional attic fans typically consume upwards of 400 watts of power. So, you can see how energy efficient they are when compared to other models. The Quiet Cool attic fans move more air in operation while still only using a small fraction of the electricity that other traditional models do.


If you’ve been searching for a way to cool your attic while saving on your electric bill, you may want to consider installing a Quiet Cool attic fan. Not only will it help to make the space more comfortable and cool, but the added benefits it comes with such as energy efficiency and heat reduction in the rest of the home are enough to win anyone over.

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