Why You Need a Home Charger for Tesla

Why You Need a Home Charger for Tesla

Having a home charger for Tesla is the best way to make the most of your electric vehicle purchase; instead of having to find charging stations, you can instead have a trusted electrician such as Direct Electric Company install a Level 2 240 volt charging station ensuring that your Tesla is always powered up when you leave your home.

For Tesla owners, charging the EV, regardless of which model is purchased, is a critical consideration. To that end, it’s important to understand the different power capacities. A level 1 charger is only 120 volts of power, while a level 2 charger is 240 volts. This all sounds technical, but here’s the easy way to understand it: level 1 chargers provide 1.3 kilowatts per hour of charge, which translates to 3-4 miles extra. A level 2 charger provides 6.6 kilowatts per hour, which translates to roughly 15 or more miles for each hour charged. That’s a clear difference.

Of course, having a Tesla means you understand how important replenishing your charge is. What many Tesla owners don’t understand however is the cost of the Level 2 240v outlet and how it’s installed. These outlets are commonly found for the larger appliances in the home, these include dishwashers, electric stoves, and washers. Because these appliances require a lot of power, they need higher capacity outlets and wiring.

It need not be said this is not a job for an amateur. The good news is professional electricians like Direct Electric Company can install the Level 2 240v home charger for Tesla wherever you’d like – so if there’s a spot in the garage you prefer, a good electrician will make it happen. Naturally, all electrical jobs are not easy in the traditional sense but installing this type of outlet is a fairly common job and won’t take too much time or have an exorbitant price tag.

And, speaking of price tags, the level 2 240v home charger for Tesla is quite affordable. These units run anywhere from $250 – $1,000 for the high-end models. As for electrical cost itself, think of it this way – if you have to charge your Tesla for 12 hours, you will inevitably hit peak rates and the money you save by not using gasoline is instead going to the electric company. Having a level 2 240v home charger for Tesla means you get the charge you need in much less time. The difference between 15 miles of charge per hour versus 3-4 miles per hour adds up. If you charge your Tesla from 10 pm until 6 am, on the level 1 charger, you get 32 miles of charge at best, while the level 2 charger gives you 100 miles or more of charge. Or, to make it simpler, you need to charge your Tesla for roughly 2.25 hours just to get the same mileage on level 1 that you’d get from a level 2 charge.

The choice is simple – there is great value in your purchase of a Tesla and having a home charger for your Tesla makes the choice that much more of a value. Go to the next step and contact a respected electrician like Direct Electric Company so that you can enjoy your Tesla and the value from a level 2 240v home charger for Tesla.

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