Ceiling Fan Installer

Ceiling Fan Installer

A ceiling fan is a great addition to your home, both during winter and summer. When it is warm, it can make the room cooler and when it is cold, it can circulate the warm air from your heating. Beyond being functional, ceiling fan installation is also a good way to decorate your home.

The Benefits Of Ceiling Fans

  1. It Is Multifunctional

Installing a ceiling fan with light means that in one fixture, you will get both lighting and ventilation, which is why it is the top option for homeowners. By hiring a professional like Direct Electric, you can also upgrade an existing ceiling fan by adding a lighting kit.

  1. You Will Enjoy Lower Energy Costs And Overall Savings

fan installation by Direct Electric will pay off in the long run. For example, because it keeps your home cool during summer, you will not have to pay for expensive air conditioning or at least be able to put it in a higher temperature because the fan will disperse this cool air all over the room.

During winter, it is perfect because hot air rises and stays around the ceiling. The fan, if it is set in reverse, will push this warm air back down and keep you warmer. In fact, installing ceiling fans in more rooms of your house will really help you save a lot on energy costs.

  1. It Is Versatile

Because it is something you can use in warm or cold weather, you will make the most of your ceiling fan installation cost.

  1. It Is Decorative

Ceiling fans come in various styles and shapes so that it adds a beautiful touch to your ceiling and home. You can find a ceiling fan company who can provide you with different designs so that it matches the rest of the room.

  1. It Is Great For Indoors And Outdoors

If you are looking for a way to make your patio cooler and brighter at the same time, Direct Electric knows how to install a ceiling fan with light. There are models that are specifically designed for the outdoors.

Adding A Ceiling Fan To Your Home

Once the decision has been made to install a ceiling fan to your house, the next question is how to install a ceiling fan. In theory, it might be an easy task but it is actually much more difficult than you think especially when you have no idea how to install a ceiling fan where no fixture exists.

Moreover, because you will be dealing with electrical wiring, it can be risky for you to do it yourself. You might also make an error that can be dangerous for you and your family. Here are some of the things that can go wrong when you decide to do-it-yourself instead of turning to Direct Electric for your ceiling fan installation.

  • Gravity Will Work Against You

Some ceiling fan models may be heavier, and you will be carrying this up the entire time. You increase the risk of dropping it the entire time, especially if you are not a professional that will require a bit more time. Worse, when you do not install ceiling fan box properly, it might fall on you or your family.

Add the fact that you will be doing this balancing act while on top of a ladder, and you have a high risk of getting an accident. When you ponder on how much does it cost to install a ceiling fan versus the risk of falling, it would make most sense hiring a professional from Direct Electric than being injured for weeks.

  • Electrical Risks

Handling electrical wiring is not for dummies, which is why Direct Electric’s electrical contractors study and train to do it properly. If you have never learned how to tinker with wires, then do not ever risk getting electrocuted just to save a few bucks. The worst case scenario is, you will see power surges, sparks, smoke and even fire when done improperly.

  • Regulation Requirements

In some states, there are regulations covering the installation of electrical ceiling fan wiring. If not done according to these safety codes, homeowners might face penalties and big fines, plus costs required to fix the wires. Professional electricians are aware of these rules and are bound to follow them as well. You will never worry about any fire risk or penalties at any time.

Benefits Of Hiring Direct Electric

The most obvious advantage of calling Direct Electric is being sure that you will be hiring someone who is highly trained and can be depended on to do it safely and properly. They are also reliable because Direct Electric only hires knowledgeable professional who are customer-oriented as well as experts who know how to install a ceiling fan box.

Direct Electric puts emphasis on safety and promoting energy efficiency. If you are looking for a lighting and ventilating solution for your home, you will expect them to suggest the greenest ceiling fan options. Moreover, they will make sure that every installation meets and exceeds all safety standards, so you can sleep soundly at night without worrying about a house fire.

Many people will never say no to the opportunity to save money, which is why many will want to first know how much to install ceiling fan. While the cost of hiring Direct Electric might be daunting, the possible cost of fire damage is much higher.

Another advantage is the guarantee that Direct Electric will professionally and properly install that ceiling fan bracket. They will also do a home electrical inspection before proceeding with their work so that any issues with the home’s electrical system will be identified. This is an important step in being able to correctly adding ceiling fans to your home.

There are always specific situations where hiring electricians is not just worth it, but also the most logical thing to do. You would not want to risk your home’s safety just to install ceiling fans, so just turn to the professionals at Direct Electric to have the job done.

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