10 Tricks to make Summer Nights more comfortable

10 Tricks to make Summer Nights more comfortable

1.Get Loose

Wearing a loose soft cotton shirt and shorts wicks away sweat from the body and allows for proper ventilation. There’s nothing like a cool breeze on a hot summer day

2.Sleep Alone

This may not work well for some of our readers but sleeping alone is a great way to stay cool! Sleeping close to your partner while sleeping will increase body heat. Not only will this make both of you uncomfortable, it could affect your sleep! One additional benefit to sleeping alone? If your partner is someone that snores loudly, you can enjoy a cool night and a good nights sleep!

3.Use Cotton sheets

Cotton is a breathable fabric which is excellent for promoting ventilation and airflow. On those nights where it is especially warm you’ll be grateful for the heat being whisked away! Cloth has been used for clothing throughout history so it’s a no-brainer why we continue to use it, it’s just so comfortable!

4.Get down

Setting up your bed close to the ground will expose you to cooler air as hot air rises.

5.Turn off lights and unplug your appliances

Lights and appliances generate heat. Using light and appliances minimally will help to reduce the room temperature of your room. A neat trick to turn off multiple appliances is to connect them all to a surge protector. With the flick of a switch you can turn all of them off at your convenience. Not only will you have a cooler room, you’ll also have a lower electric bill as some appliances tend to suck power even when they’re idle such as video game consoles, televisions, etc. Quick Tip: Keep your alarm separate and plugged into its own socket. You still need to go to work on time in the morning. A really good product for seeing what your home uses is a sense device. Call us for more information or visit www.sense.com

6.Ice Power

While not as effective as air conditioning one DIY trick to staying cool is to place a shallow pan or bowl filled with ice in front of a fan. As the ice melts the fan pushes a cool and misty breeze towards you as you sleep. The benefit of this method is that you don’t have dry air being blown towards you which can dehydrate your skin. Instead, a cool breeze of humidified air keeps your skin from becoming itchy and dry! A welcome benefit to those who tend to have skin that dries up easily in the Summer heat.

7.Stay hydrated

Drinking a glass of water before bed will help to reduce the dehydration that goes on when you toss and turn at night. Be sure not to drink too much! Our bodies tend to lose water as we sleep, especially if you are someone that breathes through your mouth your sweats excessively while sleeping. Drinking water will not only satiate your thirst, it will keep you hydrated.

8.Eat room-temperature dishes

Eat lighter dinners that are harder to metabolize. The heavier your meals the harder your body has to work and that equals more body heat. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will definitely keep you cool for the Summer. Even better: Store some room-temperature grapes in the freezer. After a few hours you’ll have a frozen treat to keep you cool!

9.Get Cold Feet

Whatever you do, don’t get nervous! Just play it cool! Dunking your feet into cold water before hitting the sack will help to cool down your body. As your feel cool down in cold water the rest of your body cools down as well allowing you to more easily relax and enjoy some ZzZ

10.Think outside the box

One tip that will help keep you cool over the Summer is having a fan pointing out towards your windows. This pushes out any hot air that is building up in your home. The last thing you want to do is to recirculate hot air!

11.Get a quote for a QuietCool Fan

11 Tricks to make your Summer nights cooler is better than 10! Our QuietCool whole-house fans come in 3 series. Classic, Trident, and Stealth Series! What is a whole-house fan and how does it work you ask? A whole-house fan is a fan that is usually installed on the attic floor near the center of your house. In the late evening or early morning, the fan is turned on to exhaust hot air from the house. Cooler outdoor air enters through open windows, lowering the indoor temperature of your home. If you’re interested in a quote or have any questions on getting a QuietCool whole-house fan you can visit https://www.coolnaturally.com or give us a call at (951) 200-5262

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